ENY Community Board #5 Meets @ P.S 13 Pennsylvania & Livonia Ave's, Last Wednesday of The Month 6:30 P.M

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After School Program Info




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Beauty & Barber Shop Info




Brooklyn Walking Tours




Brownsville Online


Brownsville Premier Of Jay Vivid Documentary Video



Comedy Events




Disco Party Info




ENY Local Business List





ENY Gateway Mall Info





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ENY and USA National Census Survey




ENY Home Owners Association Info








Fashion Shows






FREE Product Giveaways




Jobs Intern Positions




Local Community Organizing News



You Can Use




Local ENY Day Care Centers




Local Theater Plays





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Matchmaking & Singles Dating Service 




MTA IRT #3 Info Page




NYC Public Library Info Section


Join Brooklyn USA Branch Of Organizing 4 America







Poetry Readings











Showstopper Theater




 NYC Dept of Traffic " LIVE" Video Cameras








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Disco Party Info -  -

At Night Clubs



Like R&B Recording Artist - Barry White Use To Say, " SURE YOU RIGHT " !

Party promoters advertise your next party here. " We got Major Web Site Traffic ",  

Over a " Half A Million People" live, within ENY and The Brownsville Border Line Areas.

Stay Tuned For More Tri  State Area After Work and Weekend Disco Party Locations ....................

 Click Me  > > > " Night Club Page " !

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Amateur Night Talent Shows  

- and The 1st Place WINNER Is .......

Enter Showstopper Theater = and Enter The New Millennium .................

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Fashion Shows - Got a HOT  Fashion Show, that needs some publicity ?

Place an ad on our   " Night Club Page " !

Stay Tuned .............

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Local Theater Plays -

It's Coming Showstopper Theater


Stay Tuned .............

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Comedy Events -

It's Coming Showstopper Theater

Check Our  SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournament Sponsors Below


{ SHOWSTOPPER    Basketball  Tournament  Main Page }        { Check Out Our Other Game Sponsors Web Pages Directory  }

    { Check Out DOMINOS Pizza Pick an Choose Page  }         { DOMINO'S  Pizza HOT  Deals Page }

  Stay Tuned  ..........................

 Organizations, Churches, and After School Programs send us your

 " FREE" Community Programming Event Schedules -  E-mail Us

 Stay Tuned ............. 

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Matchmaking & Singles Dating Service -

Our " Ooh Wee ", Singles Dating Service Is " Coming SOON " !

Stay Tuned .........

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Beauty & Barber Shop Info - Stay Tuned .............

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After School Program Info - Well Organized, Structured Athletic & Educational Activities

PAL Center Inside of ENY Brooklyn

Schwartz Center 127 Pennsylvania & Liberty Ave's

Brooklyn N.Y 11207

Ms Harris Mgt [718] 342-4098

PAL Center Inside of ENY {Cypress Hills Projects

JHS I.S 218 Beacon  Center Program

370 Fountain and Blake Avenue's

Brooklyn N.Y 11208

 Ms Joseph Mgt [718] 277-1928

PAL Center Inside of  Inside Brownsville Brooklyn

PAL JHS 275 Beacon Program At 985 Rockaway Avenue

Bet: Linden Blvd & Hegeman Ave's,

In Brownsville Brooklyn

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ENY Home Owners Association Info  ENY HOME OWNERS ASSOC

Meets Once A Month On The 2nd Saturday

Of Each Month At The New Lots Library

Location = The New Lots Public Library

665 New Lots Avenue,

Corner of New Lots & Schenck Avenue's,

In The ENY Section Brooklyn"

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{ ENY Home Owners Assoc Web Page   }

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Poetry Readings    $

Stay Tuned .........................

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Local Community Organizing News You Can Use -



                                Is a local community group meeting that listens to resident concerns. The committee organizes local residents for block watching committee's and believes in taking our community back through non violent methods one block at a time. We help establish self help groups for local residents to police their own neighborhoods to make positive difference for tomorrow. Operation POWER is also about providing economic development guidance to residents to help increase more teenage  entrepreneurs from within the community who are looking to start a businesses within their own local area.

Stay Posted For The Next Meeting

" Be There ", and Turn Your Complaints Into,

" ACTION " !

E-mail:  operationpower@gmail.com

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 Travel Info NYC Dept of Traffic " LIVE" Video Cameras -

Check this one out. View the highway you are about to drive on, log on and see if The BQE, LIE, or GCP is bumper to bumper or clear sailing ahead. Make travel plans before you leave the house and drive on that highway with your car ......

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Look For and Come Out To Watch Our Games - 

WHAT A RUSH " We Got .............   BIG Time Corporate Sponsors, and BIG TIME FUN

   Keep Watching For The Next Sign Up Date 



{ SHOWSTOPPER  2007  Basketball  Tournament Pictures

{ SHOWSTOPPER  2006  Basketball  Tournaments  Main Page

Check Out Our SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournament Sponsors Below
View The 2004  Game Pictures  }  { Check Out Our Other Game Sponsors Web Pages Directory  }
 { Check Out DOMINOS Pizza Pick an Choose Page  }   { DOMINO'S Pizza HOT  Deals Page }

 View Our Summer  2005 SHOWSTOPPER   Basketball Tournament  Games

 View Our Summer  2003 SHOWSTOPPER   Basketball Tournament  Games

Year 2003 Game Pictures

View  Saturday 7/12/03  And  Saturday 7/19/03 

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 ENY Gateway Mall Shopping Info - ATTENTION ENY Community Board #5 and The MTA have finally come together to allow the B13, B83 Bus to cross over to stop right in front of The NEW ENY Gateway Mall for shoppers convenience. The Both Buses now stop on the corner of Erkstein Street right outside of  The NEW ENY Gateway Mall. No more walking a 1/4 of a mile to go shopping, or to get to work

HIP, HIP, HA - RAY =  NOV 18, 2007



 " Ha-Ray " !

      We finally got The B-83 Bus line to be extended into The ENY Gateway Mall. Bus service should have been talked about and setup long before the mall was planned or opened back in September 2002. Stay tuned we shall see how long it takes to get the B83 Bus to stop right in front of The NEW ENY Gateway Mall Stores.

Like Arsenio Hall use to say, on his TV show, It's one of those things that make you go.

" Mm-mmmmmmmmmm" ..... !


The WebMaster went to the ENY Community Board meeting and suggested that the B-83 Bus should include a stop at the New ENY Gateway Mall. Low and behold the board thought it was a great idea and now all NYC Shoppers can use the B-83 Bus to travel to and from the mall

Thanks To The WebMaster Randy Hudson

"Remember Nothing Is Impossible " !

Now I'am going to work on getting the B-15, B-83, B-6 and The B-13 Bus to stop directly within the ENY Gateway Mall ?



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 NYC Public Library Info Section

Remember - The world opens up and becomes

a pearl found in an Oyster when you learn how to read.

Knowledge is the key to,

Wisdom, POWER , and Understanding

New Lots Public Library Info   $ The New Lots Library has FREE, YES FREE Computer Classes.


" TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE FREE COMPUTER CLASSES" ! The average cost to learn one computer program today is normally $ 500.00 .

Call The New Lots Library @ [718] 649-0311

NYC Public Library Site - Has list of every Brooklyn Public Library Branch

and other branches within the 5 borough's of NYC.

NYC Business Library Info  - Tel# [718] 623 - 7000,  Fax: [718] 222 - 5679

Many of the top CEO's and Managers from major corporations in & outside of  NYC regularly visit

the Downtown Brooklyn Business Public Library for research including  WEbMAster Randy Hudson. 

ENY and National Census Surveys

ENY Brooklyn Stats

United States Census Bureau 1997 Economic Census:
Summary Statistics for United States


Stay Tuned .......................

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Local ENY Day Care Centers

United Community Center

613 New Lots Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y 11207 [718] 649-7979

Between: Hendrix Street & Scheck Avenue

Publisher of The Bi- Monthly LINK Community Newspaper,


SAY YOU SAW THE INFO ON www.bigtimebiz.biz

Stay Tuned ...................

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Cypress Community Day Care Center

See: Educational Director Ms. Pernell Warren-Jones

Tel: [718] 272-4117, Fax: [718] 272-2010

668 Logan Street, Brooklyn N.Y 11208

Between Logan & Milford Streets......

ENY Brooklyn...........

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 JOBS Popular Intern Positions

Job Opportunities With SHOWSTOPPER Theater !

Administrative Intern Needed
Position Description:
Reporting directly to the Producers. The Administrative Intern will assist on all aspects of producing this world-class indoor events in Brooklyn N.Y and upcoming outdoor concert season.
American, African, Caribbean, and Hispanic Drama Plays, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Pop, HOT Spicy Merengue, Dachata, SALA World Music, Talent Shows, Dancing and Film Festivals. Duties include assisting the producers in planning, marketing, advertising, development and programming, with heavy writing, phone, faxing, filing, etc. Minimum commitment of  4 - hrs per week (4 months.) This is truly a unique opportunity.

Production Intern Needed
Position Description: Reporting directly to the Production Manager, the Production Interns will work in Brooklyn N.Y and upcoming concert season with the Lighting Designer, Audio Engineers and Stage Management in large professional indoor and outdoor venue's. They will work on basic skills such as efficient methods of stage set-up and strike. Concert audio and theatrical lighting skills will be learned and reinforced through various job assignments including lighting set up, audio set up, change overs, and follow spot operation. Other duties will include typical facility and equipment maintenance.

Send cover letter and resume indicating the position of interest to Hudsonic Showstopper Production Org Mr. Randy Hudson You can E-mail us CompanyWebmaster ,  Call: 212-631-4218

BIG Time Biz Employment, Blank Resume and 125 Job Web Sites Page

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Brooklyn Walking Tours

 Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The garden is open Tuesday to Friday from 8am to 6pm;

Weekends holidays from 10am to 6pm.

1000 Washington Avenue,  718-623-7200.


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Check Out Our Original

Joke Page


 Randy Hudson

Got an original joke for posting ? E-mail us

Advertise and support us, because we believe in you


Advertise Your Business, Product/s or Service Here

Get A One Month Business Card Ad,

One customer a day purchasing product/s from you pays for your monthly ad. 

Is your business worth $ 0.33 a day to you ?

Call us @ {212} 631-4218 Right NOW !

Save money by paying for A Six Month or A One Year Ad Up front

   Contact * *  CompanyWebmaster  

 or Call @ 212 -631-4218      

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SUMMER Watch Fun Time  Alert   

Look out for our  Summer


 " Oh Yeah ",

View Our 

Summer 7/12/03 , 7/19/03 SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Tournament Game Pictures.

To The Left NOW  " ___ ", To The Right Now " ____ " .....  .... ...... " OwL " ....

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