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BIG Time Biz Entertainment News Column: list of the most popular female rappers of all time.

" KICK IT " !

1) Queen Latifah
Jersey native Queen
Latifa successfully combined rap, R&B Dancehall Music and smooth moves to become a " Living Legend Superstar " !
2) Bahamadia
This true queen of hip-hop effortlessly spits poetic spiritually polished jewels

3)  (Lady of) Rage
Known for her hard-core approach and delivery, Death Row artist Rage is one of those MCs who for some reason hasn't received the props she well deserves.

4) M.C. Lyte
 MC Lyte was one of the first commercially successful female rappers. Her popular Lyte As A Rock, dropped in 1989 and put her on top..
5) Foxy Brown
Foxy's image has matured utilizing sexy clothes, vibes and the taste to match. Her Chyna Doll Album premiered at No. 1 on The Billboard 200. She become a sex symbol at the age of 16 she has never stopped pumping it up as she glows as one of the brightest stars in the universe.
6) Monie Love
This London artist became immensely popular with her signature rapid fire delivery and sense of humor.
7) Salt 'N Pepper
This party rap group enjoyed cross over hits and staying power that stretched for almost two decades.
8)   LiL Kim
Notorious B.I.G.,  was the inspiration for the title of her latest album. This talented celebrity rapper started out with The Junior M.A.F.I.A. It rumors have it that she was to be the mistress of the late Biggie.
9) Lauryn Hill
After the unleashing of her '98 classic debut, her eagerly anticipated "unplugged" album was released in 2002.
10) Da Brat
DA Brat's has been making hits since 1994 and is still hitting it strong in 2004. 

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