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                We're feeling " HOT ", "HOT ", " HOT ", and flowing like a dancing flame of  fire at, http://www.bigtimebiz.biz  with information you " NEED " to know about. That is what our JAZZ, R&B column is all about elevating your career as a singer song writer in the new millennium! We are here to bring additional exposure to the recording industry and provide the personal touch of exposure that you really need to reach that NYC and nationwide inner city urban market. If you want to shop songs from your demo e-mail us and we will get back with you immediately. Just think about it every visit to our site means someone can actually click and listen to your song and provide you back with important survey feedback. Plus you gain that all important instant feed back marketing survey, showing how listeners feel about the vibes your song provided. R&B Singers get your talent exposed for our low, low monthly fee. Alot of people say our site is  " HOT ", "HOT ", " HOT " We advertise in local newspapers and have posted over 15,000 tear off posters throughout ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn where 1,000's upon thousands of eager customers are waiting to bragg about your new tune to family and friends in the hood. I will be listening to a lot of new demos some I will like some I will think is trash, people make their own choices and form opinions after they click on a song and hear it. So JAZZ, R&B singers itís time for you to update your thinking pattern get  your world wide web exposure in motion starting right here on today ..............

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    Jazz is widely known seasoned jazz fans agree. Today jazz still lives in the heart of a lot of itís listeners thatís why we added a jazz column. If you're a jazz musician that needs exposure, send us an e-mail. Your CD can receive publicity on a major traffic site on a one year old site already up and pumping it right call for monthly pricing your music will play 24 hours on a global basics with the               WEb"MAsters old Masterful Hudsonic Inc music mixing touch which was part of " The Worlds First Eddie's Rivera's I.D.R.C. Record Pool back in the 1970's as a Premier Lighting Designer and Mobile DJ Unit bringing that same innovative special flavor to " I.D.R.C " Star Parties " and now adding it online into the new music recipe mix, just to season it up with the right taste , " Haaaa ", " Just For You " ! Taste the flavor JAZZ Musicians join in the fun, finally theirs a soul brother and sister web site adding that rhythm pinch of " spice and soul " that is directed towards the global market place working for you, " day and night ".

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Options are limitless here our imaginative custom web site designing, voiceovers, 3D animations and web music mixing services are truly unique and geared strictly for professionals who take themselves and their music seriously,

 http://www.bigtimebiz.biz is here to ELEVATE your career in the new millennium! Can you feel it.

 Enter or renter the entertainment industry, Calling all Jazz R&B Musicians out there, we are

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