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Randy Hudson , was born and still resides within East New York [ENY] Brooklyn and is committed to making a real difference in this world. His advanced 16 year's of computer hardware, software programming skills, and powerful entrepreneur business administration, marketing, business proposal writing, networking, advertising, e-commerce, computer 3D animation, and web site building knowledge provides you and the community with a unique one of a kind man. My integrity spells out quality in the "first degree", which most Americans have long forgotten. I am The CEO of The Federally Registered Hudsonic Showstopper Production Organization [ A 501 C-3 Not for Profit Corporation] with a 33 year track record of accomplishment. I have been providing Youth Empowerment Educational, Cultural, Recreational Programs, and The Annual SHOWSTOPPPER Summer  Basketball Tournament Games for NYC area youth for year's. I organized 40 volunteers from my ENY neighborhood and reopened  JHS I.S 218's After School Center Located at 370 Fountain Ave Between Blake and Dumont Avenue's Located Within ENY Brooklyn N.Y from 1991 - 1995, The school was closed for over 25 year's. I wrote the main proposal accepted by Brooklyns PAL Director Mr. Joe Lockran in 1993 that brought the Police Athletic Leagues { PAL } Summer Play Street Program into Cypress Hills = Euclid Ave Park, which returns annually each year to The Euclid Ave Park by Blake Ave within my ENY community. I sponsored the annual Family Day Event { View Family Day Pictures } since the 1970's inside of The Euclid Avenue Park surrounded by The  NYCHA Cypress Hills Projects.

With the same 40 Volunteers from the neighborhood we opened Cypress Theater on Saturdays at JHS I.S 218 from 2-6 P.M and together we provided bi-weekly live Drama Plays and Cultural Entertainment Talent Shows through a Federal HPD & N.Y.C.H.A Drug Elimination Program Grant for the community. As an organizer/sponsor and business owner, we do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do period for the community. Nobody seems to care anymore, that is why I do what I do, I can't change the world but the youth of tomorrow I come in contact with need to witness positive alternatives through examples and deeds and not by empty words.

    Mr. Hudson is a man of innovative vision, who is currently Chairman of The ENY Brooklyn UCC IRT #3 Transit Committee. As of September 2005 The Hudsonic Organization has taken over full control of The ENY & Brownsville MTA IRT #3, BMT L Train {LAWB } Transportation Improvement Signature Petition Committee formerly started by United Community Center {UCC}. The new committee is planning a unique Madison Avenue type of marketing campaign to improve major conditions for daily NYC MTA riders on The IRT #3 Shuttle, BMT L Train, to establish a FREE Fare Transfer Point between The IRT #3 Train Station at Junius Street and The BMT L  Livonia Avenue Train Stations [ View Transit Map ] to improve transportation conditions for all Brooklyn residents no matter what skin color they are or where they may live. We formally worked in conjunction for 2 year's with CEO Mr. Mel Grizer and Community Coordinator Ms. Vanessa Plasencia and Ms. Jessica Arsenal for 2 Years from The ENY United Community Day Care Center @ 613 New Lots Ave Brooklyn, [718] 649 -7979 [ UCC originally started the MTA petition] The Hudsonic Organization now spearheads The entire IRT #3 Shuttle Transit Improvement Signature Petition Project helping to make a convenient FREE Fare Transfer Point @ The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge Located Between, ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn At The Train Intersection We Like To Call " POSITIVE CHANGE " !. The improvements for Shuttle Service on the IRT #3 @ the Junius Street Train Station in Brownsville and The ENY BMT L Train Station at Livonia Avenue is a well known community transportation issue that has remained unconnected for over " 50 Year's " ! This is a typical David { Hudsonic Org } Vs Goliath { MTA} Battle and trust me.... we are going to win.

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       Due to my community orientated activism, for quality of life issues within The  East New York & Brownsville Brooklyn areas and. By personally knowing 96% of all of The ENY and Brownsville Community Organizers and Political Representatives, from ENY Community Board #5, and Brownsville Community Board #16, ENY Board of Ed School District and, Brownsville Board of Ed School District Members we are always networking and in constant contact with numerous prominent local Brooklyn Area Business Owners, CEO's movers and shakers. With our superior networking references this means you are definitely in " Good Hands " and do not have to worry about 1. Can he get the job done ? 2. Will he get the job done on time ? 3. Will he " Rip Me Off " when I buy a product or service and run off with my money !

" NO WAY " !!

          Mr. Hudson always does what he always say's he can do. Just look at my 32 year track record it already proves that you don't have to be a rich man, to be a "#1 CLASS ACT" ! See my past and current community credentials > >  References < < all can be verified, validated and are offered as evidence to document and attest to my long track record of reliability, integrity, quality of work and dependable track record for getting the job done correctly and on time. Our sincerity, dedication to the community, love for computer 3D graphic animations, and computer generated web site development, designing and business financing skills means any product or service that you purchase or participate in from our BIG Time Bu$iness Web Site or donate to The Hudsonic Organization means you the customer will receive immediate attention, be happy with the event sponsored, or product purchased which will be shipped immediately and attended to correctly, the first time out, with pride establishing a life long bond of trust, and satisfaction to nurture an ongoing positive relationship between you the donor/customer and, BIG TIME Bu$iness Web Sites and The Hudsonic SHOWSTOPPER Production Organization. I also brand and stamp each job accomplished, program sponsored and product that we sell with our special Gold Seal of inner pride and gratitude. We sell quality product/s and develop custom web sites for major business clients right out of ENY Brooklyn and represent the 25% of Professional African American Males who chose to remain, live and work and give our knowledge back to the ENY and Brownsville Brooklyn Communities, Since The 1950's.

              I'am a professional striving to help make a change within my own community because I care and LOVE Impossible Challenge's. It just reminds me of a good chess game that needs some thinking through. Many residents have shared and endured the same hard rock street corner experiences I have in the past like bad luck, despair, and high unemployment which my brothers and sisters on the street corner today are now experiencing. Without Hope Their Is No Tomorrow, The difference is, I never gave up hope, know that " NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE ", and plan to make a difference in the future by giving back to my community by over educating myself to help other up coming young Lions obtain their own future goals and dreams like those before me. I live " MISSION Impossible Everyday ", working out of Brooklyn N.Y. " Working On A Professional Level " to help change the direction of despair, unemployment, and increase awareness by distributing vital information throughout my community on the web. We show residents where and how they can own a new businesses in the new millennium so area resident's and other new young Lions can take control of their own destiny in the future through economic development initiatives.

I LOVE Living and working within The Empire City " New York ", The City at The TOP of The World, Living and Working In The Greatest Country On The Face of The Earth, and Being An Unchained, Healthy and

FREE African American Entrepreneur . . . .

On The Greatest Planet,In The Whole Darn Universe "  

                " Y EAH  " ! C

You will be proud of our BIG TIME BIZ, Hudsonic Org, event's, products, and web design work,

because if  Randy Hudson touches it! " It's got to be done correctly the first time out ".

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