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Topic: Economic Enslavement

We are placing this information on the web so African & Hispanic Americans can download, print, and realize that if we brothers STOP going in and out of Jail inside of N.Y.S and around the U.S.A. Many of the N.Y Upstate Communities on the map below would almost become Ghost Towns overnight. The prison business is one of the only businesses that operates 24 hour’s a day, 7 day’s a week, and 365 days a year. Presently many African and Hispanic Americans today live in many Upstate Counties. The problem is that many of those same Upstate Counties directly survive off of the N.Y.S Department of Correction Facilities. During the 1970's when many large corporations left the U.S.A and went international, the prison system stepped in to fill the void. You can now buy stock on Wall Street and make money from people going into the penal system from Corrections Corporation, and The Wackenhut Corporation which are privately owned and operated prison corporations.

Our people must somehow stop selling drugs being gangsters and going to Jail, Jails keep investors rich and each of the upstate counties on the map below economies thriving by providing federal money to local area governments who in turn pay correctional officers working in the prisons and the guards then spend their paychecks within these upstate communities. The money filters down through out the entire county through hardware, grocery, lumber yards, restaurant's etc! SLAVERY IS STILL ALIVE and WELL, it has just taken on another form. Attention “ Drug Dealers You Are Being USED “ ! “ It’s A Suckers Game “! Are you one of the suckers. It’s illegal but the N.Y Upstate Society needs you to sell drugs within NYS and the NYC 5 borough's so you will keep on going back to jail. This destroys our local communities, the very same communities that your own children grow up in. Your son or Daughter may follow in your foot steps, you might even see your own son or daughter in the very same jail where you are currently locked up. Your saying to yourself, what are the chances of that happening! Well I personally know of three different fathers that are now locked up with their sons and I know two mothers that are locked up with their own daughters, believe me it is not impossible! I personally know of Sons and Daughters that have followed their parents right into Jail starting at the tender age of “13 Years Old and Up” boy do I know of a lot of tragic stories, I know enough bad stories that could fill a whole book directly because I'am a community activist and many people tell me their tales of whoa ! The majority of N.Y Upstate Counties economic development plan is built around the prison system that you might be presently locked up in, just look at the map below. Like, “The Uncle SAM Army Poster States, “I Want You”, and most Drug Dealers volunteer themselves willingly most are dumb enough to believe that they are super smart and it can not happen to them. Yes their might be a few drug dealers that got over? But most do not succeed, there are over 8 Million African & Hispanic Americans presently locked up in jail right now across the country many were directly selling drugs when their luck just ran out. Notice how, Under The N.Y.S Rockefeller Law was specifically written to provide longer Jail Sentences for Drug Dealers Selling CRACK than if you were selling powered Cocaine or Dope. Billionaire Russell Simmons went head to head with the NYS Government and Boo-Yaw he managed to get 1,000 convicted felons released my hat is off to him for a job well done. Yes there are many super slick gangster drug dealers out there, but no matter how slick you think you are. It’s the humble that is going to get you and send you right into Jail, like gambling sooner or later you got to lose if you stay in the game long enough ! Once you get busted, even if it is only your first time? The N.Y Upstate county economic system automatically starts munching away as you are locked up. The upstate counties economic hunger starts repeating itself as you are digested into the jail system and then waits for another tender jail bird morsel to feed its huge hunger pains once again. The system must be fed on a daily basics because it has a very large appetite that feeds on drug dealers and other criminals in order for each county resident to have a good quality of life to survive. Especially if you live within the Red Zone { Brooklyn’s Bed-Sty, East New York, and Brownsville Area’s } Over 70% of the inmates that are in each N.Y Upstate Prison come directly out of one of these local area neighborhoods. Many African & Hispanic Men like lifting weights to get physically stronger but will not lift a book and read it to “PUMP IRON and Expand Their Thinking Muscle’s INTO THEIR OWN MINDS”!. Reading is weight lifting on a different scale not for the body, but for the mind! The 1960’s civil right demonstrations were about “EDUCATIONAL FREEDOM”! Freedom to educate yourself, obtain a job, then move on to starting a business so we could hire up our own people. That is why we are currently experiencing high unemployment, directly because the majority of young men today are immulating the gangster drug dealing adults they see in our neighborhood’s. What was the civil rights revolution for then, brothers and sisters have died so all of us could experience equal rights? Not to sell drugs and leave your family behind to live in jail without them ! Brother and Sisters get your act together start a home business if you can’t find a job in the present market. My BIG Time Bu$iness Web Site will be here to provide the majority of insider business information you couldn't get your hands on and establish the vehicle to sell the wholesale products you buy to sell to the public retail that you were always talking about on the street corner but just didn’t know where to find or get help from. The world is now selling product’s and services through computers online and people around the world are making ends meet, and some are getting extremely rich and you can do it too! That is just one of the reasons why I built this web site to help introduce you to selling legal products on the web instead of selling drugs on the street corner and being locked up on a daily basics and stating to others going to jail is your chosen career in life ! I don’t have all of the answers in life, but in order for you to get to the top of the hill? You must start some where by taking one step at a time. To complete a journey of a million miles it starts with the first step you take, it’s the most important step because it will enable you to walk from today right into tomorrow.

            Today you can sit inside of your home and sell products to the world and get paid by electronic credit card or debit card online payment methods, money orders, and personal checks. Come back to our web site regularly we are going to show you how you can get started. First form a business corporation so you can write off your apartment, car and just about everything else inside of your apartment or house on your next federal, state, and city income tax return of course you must do your research to find out which deductions the government will allow you to take. You’ll get back the majority of the money you paid out back during the year in bill payments at tax time, but you must keep all purchase receipts in order to accomplish the refunds. “THAT’S RIGHT” Big corporations do it every day and you can do it too, The Business of America Is Business. But you first must form a corporation then start selling a product or service to customers in order to take advantage of The American Tax legal loopholes as you make money. Now the question is which legal product or service do you want to sell? Stick with us, we are filling in a major void within our community that most people never even really knew existed. Look for our home business seminars coming to a location near you soon in the future, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to E-mail advertisements, and sell a product or service on the internet. All you need is information and knowledge how to make it work for you. All you need to do is, have a product and a system to take your product or service to the public. Log into our site regularly for marketing updates, you have logged into a unique one of a kind web site. We are going to make it as easy as possible for you to get yourself into a Home Bu$iness so you can make money and receive your American share of tax write offs too. Yes I will be making money off of you ! But do you know anybody else that can teach you this ? “ It’s The American Way “ ! E-mail us if your interested and we will put your name on our Home Business Seminar E-mailing list ! The seminar will cost you approximately $20.00 for 2 hour’s worth of learning. We will let you know when we have enough local residents interested in our seminars. Only then will we ask you to come and pay at the door.


             The information I have assembled below was written by The N.Y.S Dept of Correction Services Statistical Department. We obtained this information through the freedom of information act so you could see with your own eyes that their has been a major game ran on our community for year’s, educate yourself, “Because Slavery Is Still Alive and Well”, Just In A Different Form “ and remember ! Their are many African and Hispanic Americans that live in these same upstate counties today. This news article is not about African & Hispanic Americans against "White America ! My news article is about " Economic ENSLAVEMENT " Not Ethic Race Enslavement I just want to make that clear before someone takes it out of context, because we are the ones doing harm to our own people not White America ! Please notice the communities where the majority of inmates are coming from. Bodies must be inside of county prison cells in order for each individual county to economically survive on its own. Who knows, in the future you might see signs all over our five borough urban community area stating ?

                    The NYS Department of Correction " WANTS YOU " Presently Filling Vacant JAIL Bird Positions“,“ Program Provides Low Wages and Year's of Super Stress “! Apply for the position at your local NYC Police Precinct, an Elementary Grade School Educational Level Is Not Needed In Order To Apply " GPA Scores Are Not Needed In Order To Apply, Applicant Must Be Placed Under Arrest, Restricted In Handcuffs and, Have A NYC Legal Aide Lawyer Present At The Time of Arrest In Order To Apply “ !   " Sign Up TODAY " !

See our Wall Street Stock Market public offering to recruit money from Wall Street Investors. The public offering was made by the well known investment firm Oppenheimer and Co Inc. The investment offering took place in January of 1996 to interested wall street investors and still continues today. The objective is to attract new investors with large amounts of money to invest their funds within Corrections Corporation Stock. The stock holders money is  invested within prisons throughout the country and remember this is a recession proof business. The other company that is in the private prison business is Wackenhut Corporation. We will let you know when we get our hands on the public offering info also ......

                      Yes you too can become a seasoned investor within the NYC, NYS, or USA Correction jail prison system. Funny The Correction System only seams to correct ? Rich peoples pockets from being broke all of the time, most of the inmates that grew up where I lived  ? Kept on going back into jail for their own reasons, you know some grew lonely wanting to see their old friends, some did not have a place to stay during the long cold winter months and possibly some hated the taste of the smelly, squashed cold dumpster food menu they ate daily when they were homeless ! Like Arsenio Hall use to say on TV ?

 Its one of those things that make you go Hum-mmm !

                             Strange if a Drug Dealer planned ahead of time, and he or she  knew they were going to make a life long career of dealing drugs, robbing people,  getting busted and going to " Jail " ! Then he or she could make an appointment ahead of time, go down and talk with a professional stock broker at Price Waterhouse, Charles Swab or one of the other big investment houses to seek out professional counseling help about how and what they could do to leverage their money and stock investments ahead of time before they got busted again to go back to jail and spend a decade or two in a four by eight prison cell. Yes if the prisoner was smart, they would invest most of their  illegal cash gains ahead of time in corporate stocks. So when they would go to do say, Aaaa ten - thirty year prison sentence. They would be able to invest in them selves and make money off of their own prison sweat, labor and time while  incarcerated ? Boo- Yaw, Now that's what I call using your dumb brain to make money the hard way, Aaaa Yeah [ SMILE ].  Some would say, what a life, laying in bed all day, head on a pillow, hands under your head, while steering up at the ceiling, laying on your ass and making money to boot all day long, that's what some would call ? A good investment ! What a life, some would say he or she has got it made Ha ! If they did the right thing, they might be able to turn a profit from doing a, say one through thirty year jail sentence and be paroled as a new  millionaire minus being a little wrinkled, a few grey hairs, a little older and having loss some hair and their prime time youth during a jail sentence bid ! Some might prefer a small, cold, dark, and cramped jail cell as an investment strategy compared to being part of getting up early and becoming part of the daily Rat Race, so when they are paroled from prison ? They might be able to have some extra money salted away in the bank to retire on.  Yes they acculmated their wealth from, should I say a good worth while Wall Street Stock Market Investment ! But the only thing was, that their profit percentage was based off of them being held inside of a NYS Department of Correction Prison Cell ? Yes they hedged their investment bets and banked on the man or woman they saw daily in the dull bathroom sheet metal mirror and by keeping their jail cell dust free and holding onto the iron cell bars, so rust would not form. Other wise they might receive less because more of the money would definitely have gone toward paying off maintence fees for prison up keep. Their by, leaving stock holders with less profit money in the current fiscal quarter  ! 

" SAY WHAT " !

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