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 { 100's of Jobs Are At Stake }


{ Suggestions To Help The MTA See The Benefits Of Reconstructing The { LAWB }  }


{  Suggestions To Help MTA See The Benefits Of Reconstructing The {LAWB} Part 2 }


{ The ENY Livonia Avenue  Commercial Strip Drawing  }
















1,000's of Jobs Are At Stake

1,000's of Jobs At Stake                            


Dear: Interested MTA Riders/Organization

) 778-30

At present there is a state of low moral circling over NYC within our communities. With the price of gas going  up on a daily basics, the  cost of living going up at the same time, and working salaries standing still ? At this point people need something extra to cheer about on a daily basis other than a NBA, NHL, and NFL sports game, life is basically boring we have got to create our own excitement in order to have fun.  We plan to run and exciting, and fun MTA protest campaign that will make you feel, " Hummmm  GOOD " ! People are always searching for new excitement, something that peaks their interest, something that makes their blood pressure go up in a positive way, so you can feel good and yell out " YEAH, DO IT, ALL RIGHT I'AM WITH YOU, GET'EM " Everyday !  Your campaign energy will become infectious and is a great energy boost to help us to hype up Brooklyn in expectation of positive change. MTA riders can look forward to boosting their moral on a daily basics and attending our MTA protest rallies to see and be seen in the crowd on TV to increase bonding and to achieve a better state of mental health as you ride  the train each day. Our campaign shall create conversation between MTA riding passengers on a daily basics which generates good conversation and also makes you feel better on your way to and from work knowing that the Brooklyn and Queens community is finally working  together on a transportation issue marching side by side and creating an atmostsphere of constant positive vibes when people ask, when the next IRT #3 cultural entertainment show, drama play or sports event date will be coming up and the location where it will be taking place. This is the type of long term positive atmostsphere we are looking to create for the campaign.


MTA riders will be able to find out through our online web site  just how far our team has moved the campaign football down the field  towards the goal post, find out results from current monthly meetings, and also buy and wear our tee shirts online creating additional support for others to buy more of our products to support our long term campaign. Remember this is a David against Goliath Battle. Goliath being the MTA and David being the community, at the same time Brooklyn Organizations and MTA riders that wish to travel into Queens, Bushwick, Williamsburg or Manhattan, or who live within the Flatbush, Crown heights, or East Flatbush Brooklyn areas should join our long term campaign against the MTA for improved service. Our campaign is not an ENY or Brownsville Brooklyn problem, its a service continuity problem without borders. You may not live within  ENY or Brownsville Brooklyn but when you are trying to reach your destination faster by train when traveling through ENY or Brownsville Brooklyn. That is when it will become apparent to you that your signature and support could help us to speed up the process to decrease your travel time between travel destinations especially when you look at a MTA Transit Map  and realize by providing your signature and ongoing support for our {LAWB} free fare transfer point, it will then make more sense and reveal why it is so important.


    This is a borough wide Brooklyn and Queens fight for The reconstruction of The IRT #3 and BMT L Train Line for a Free Fare Transfer Point through The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge, so passengers can benefit traveling to and from Queens, Williamsburg, Coney Island, Midwood, Bensonhurst, Canarsie, Crown Heights, Bushwick, and every other part of  Brooklyn directly or in directly decreasing your travel time which might be effected by this unconnected MTA transfer point. Travel time to 14th Street in Manhattan would be reduced for passengers traveling to or from Coney Island if passengers got off the IRT #2, and #5 train at the Franklin Avenue Train Station, transferred over to The IRT #3 Train and then transferred over to the BMT L Train line through the {LAWB}. Passengers could then proceed along this route to Coney Island; Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, and Midwood, we feel residents would rather take the IRT #3 and BMT L Train Line into Williamsburg, Bushwick, Canarsie connect to the BMT L train and transfer to the IND G train at the Metropolitan train station to ride into Queens. Most passengers have to take approximately 4 and in some cases 5 different trains in order to arrive at their Queens, Williamsburg, or Bushwick destination, please look at our map again. Find the Franklin Avenue Shuttles Botanic Garden “FREE” fare transfer point to the IRT #3 Line. Follow the IRT #3 train line east to the Junius Street Train Station. This is where passengers would obtain their new “FREE” transfer while walking through the Livonia Avenue weather proof enclosed walkway bridge and on other side entering the system for “FREE”  boarding the BMT L Train to connect to the IND G Line for Queens, or continue on and arrive into Canarsie, Williamsburg, Bushwick Brooklyn or Manhattan, our improvement plan makes a lot more sense when you are looking at a train map. You can clearly see the advantages why our East Brooklyn Free Fare Train Transfer Point Plan makes sense. The map clearly shows the benefits of improved service for all South Brooklyn residents traveling into or out of Queens, Canarsie, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Bushwick Brooklyn or to Manhattan. By reconstructing the IRT #3 and BMT L Free Fare Transfer Point Stations passengers could save extra travel time, they might still have to take the same amount of trains. But they would arrive at their destinations faster, with less congestion and after all that is why the mass transit system was formed in the first place! The New East Brooklyn Free Fare Transfer Point will alleviate congestion during peak rush hour traffic times on both the Brooklyn BMT Franklin Ave S - Shuttle and The IND A & C Train lines at Franklin Ave and Fulton Street Train  Stations. The New East Brooklyn Free Transfer Point will also decrease passenger traffic at the ENY IND A & C Broadway Junction Train Station. Manhattan bound and returning Brooklyn bound passengers traveling into or out of Canarsie Brooklyn which will gain access to move faster throughout the entire train system if the East Brooklyn Free Transfer Point reconstruction improvement plan was implemented. This plan shall also reduce car traffic being that a large amount of Canarsie, Coney Island, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, and Midwood residents traveling towards Manhattan, Queens or Bushwick Brooklyn destinations. Would prefer to drive their own cars into an MTA park & ride parking lot facility, then board the train to arrive at their destination faster. There is no simple way to travel above ground anymore to or from Queens, Williamsburg, Bushwick Brooklyn or Manhattan from one’s home. Their are more cars on the roads, and NYC cannot afford to have more cars on the roads, traffic is so bad within the 5 boroughs rush hour traffic starts from 5:30 A.M in the morning and continues until about 11 P.M at night. Any new plan that improves transportation and offers passengers a new solution for fast efficient service, “Should Be Immediately Looked At”! We need your help to obtain more signatures in Brooklyn to end a neglectful “50 Year Old Transit Problem“ ! Buy our products and support our campaign, patronize our events that will lead to creating new jobs, local businesses and one voice throughout our community for positive change!

Suggestions To Help The MTA See The Benefits Of Reconstructing The { LAWB }

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 Suggestions to help the MTA

Suggestions To Help The MTA See The Benefits Of Reconstructing The { LAWB }


Topic: Suggestions to help the MTA see the benefits of reconstructing and opening The New Livonia Avenue FREE Fare Transfer Point

The IRT #3 At Junius Street and The BMT L Train Line At Livonia Avenue Both Train Stations need to be connected together to form a new FREE Fare Transfer Point to alleviate congestion, over crowding, achieve continuity and speed up service throughout the entire MTA Brooklyn system. By establishing a new free fare transfer point inside of ENY & Brownsville Community Boards #5 and #16 the elected officials can begin working on a new economic development commercial business strip on Livonia Avenue stretching from New Lots Avenue in ENY to East 98th Street in Brownsville Brooklyn. Our transit improvement suggestions {  View Blue Print Sketch of Livonia Avenue }mentioned above should help the MTA to increase fare box revenue by over 766,500.00 Dollars a year from park and ride customers. Do The math your self park 300 cars parked a day x $7.00 to park the car = $ 2,100.00 a day x 365 days a year = $7,6650.00 generated because it shall become a main 7 day a week shopping district and remember the yearly totals will be much higher than what you see. The FREE fare transfer point will eventually pay for is self over time it makes perfect sense. The free fare transfer point construction zone shall pay for itself over time being that shoppers and park and  ride train customers will utilize the shopping strip more and more on a daily basics as time goes by. The first thing the MTA should do is reorganize their current MTA rail yard property { view picture #1 below } or lease parking lot property from The FOOD BAZAAR Supermarket which has a huge under utilized parking lot formerly known as The BIG  R Supermarket’s parking lot { Located @ the Foot of The LAWB in Brownsville Brooklyn } at any time is only 1/8 – ¼ full at any time during the day time hours. Or MTA could build a completely new parking lot for park and ride passengers utilizing the unused air space over the freight train rails that run submerged from East New York Avenue into Canarsie along Van Sinderen Avenue { On The  ENY Side } creating a new parking lot for park and ride MTA passengers to park their cars in. The plan if instituted shall increase MTA revenue and instigate economic development along Livonia Avenue towards creating the atmostsphere for new commercial businesses to move in and provide 1000’s of local community jobs for area residents after reconstruction of the transfer point is finished.

Marketing of MTA Reconstruction Plan: Passengers can be enticed to park at the new location/s by various means through commercial advertisements placed on buses, trains and on bulletin boards throughout the community, TV ads etc. Monthly or weekly parking discounts to ride the train can be offered which will provide additional park and ride privileges to customers with current Metro Cards. A FREE Fare Transfer Zone shall allow passengers to ride the same BMT L Train to the Livonia Avenue Station in ENY and then be able to transfer for free to The IRT #3 Junius Street Brownsville Brooklyn Train Station by walking through a weatherproof enclosed walkway without exiting and paying another train fare by walking two and a half blocks outside of MTA property in the cold or rain just to transfer to the train they need to transfer to. By establishing this Free Fare Transfer Point Zone Livonia Avenue could be, “ revitalized as a new commercial business strip “ similar to the shopping strip operating on Broadway under the BMT J Train Line inside of Bushwick and Williamsburg Brooklyn!

                The MTA's Brownsville Brooklyn used train rail storage yard picture you see below was taken facing south from on top of The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge the yard starts at Livonia Avenue between Van Sinderen Ave and Junius Street in Brownsville Brooklyn and the huge rail yard ends on New Lots Avenue the rail yard is the boundary line between ENY & Brownsville Brooklyn N.Y. The MTA claims their is not enough revenue coming out of the fare boxes at the IRT #3 Junius Street and Livonia Avenue BMT  L Train Stations to warrant turning the Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge into a " FREE Fare Transfer Point. But Deirdre Parker, an MTA representative said at our first major MTA community meeting. A recent survey of riders found that only 3,000 people transferred between the two stops during the peak morning period and their are not enough passengers to warrant a free fare transfer point zone.

The Sunday N.Y Times November 16, 2003 News Article shows how close our fare box revenue figures really are to warrant new construction of the Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge FREE Fare transfer Point. Our daily transfer point MTA fare box passenger totals between the two train stations are only off by 1,800 people compared to the NYC Broadway-Lafayette and Bleecker Street train station stops in the Village located within NYC with 4,800. But here is a great idea that we came up with that even a blind man or women can clearly see " in living color" ! If The Brownsville Brooklyn MTA rail storage yard was cleaned up and reorganized, if the used rails were neatly stacked on extra heavy duty steel shelves 6 rows high situated on the New Lots Avenue side of the rail storage yard in one area. There would be alot of extra room that could be utilized for a new parking lot containing a security attendant to over see the lot and also collect MTA's money or the money could be collected from the fare riders own Metro Card.


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 Suggestions To Help MTA See The Benefits Of Reconstructing The {LAWB} Part 2

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 Suggestions to help MTA see the benefits of reconstructing The {LAWB} Part 2

 Suggestions To Help MTA See The Benefits Of Reconstructing The {LAWB} Part 2

Topic: Suggestions to help MTA see the benefits of reconstructing and opening The New Livonia Avenue FREE Fare Transfer Point. { Con’t }

The improvements would enable more people to drive in park, pay a small fee, with their own Metro Card and possibly receive a discount off of their monthly train fare own Metro Card at the turnstile. This would help the MTA increase fare box revenue at both train stations making The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge into a profitable " FREE Fare Transfer Point “, making the reconstruction even more important because it now will generate additional revenue for the MTA. In the mornings many people are short on time and have to move their cars to the other side of the street for mandatory sanitation department street sweeper cleaning. Most passengers would prefer paying the small parking lot fee compared to receiving an expensive NYC parking ticket for not moving their car at all because their area does not possess enough parking spaces for them to move and park their cars.

The MTA has always stoned walled The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge " FREE Fare Transfer Point " for one reason or another because, they do not want to answer for "50 Year's of Neglect". Consistently the MTA has said to our MTA transit committee, that there is not enough fare box revenue or utilization surveys to show that their are enough people to warrant new reconstruction of The IRT #3 Junius Street and Livonia Avenue BMT L Train Line Stations for a FREE fare transfer point zone ! If the MTA decides to move on our transit improvement ideas and join forces with the ENY #5 and Brownsville Community Boards #16 ? The MTA shall be able to increase fare box revenue and the ENY and Brownsville community boards, shall Gain new commercial and residential real-estate development buildings in one decision along Livonia Avenue from New Lots Avenue to East 98th Street to provide 1000’s of new jobs for local residents. The entire MTA free fare transfer point reconstruction project, revitalization, and construction of a new commercial shopping strip on Livonia Avenue shall go on to become one of the greatest transportation and economic development improvement projects in Brooklyn's history surpassing The 1990’s MTA’s Franklin Avenue Shuttle reconstruction project and demonstrating to other urban planners that,  “ Nothing Is Impossible “ !  

Add your home computer, or cell phone e-mail address to our growing list of interested community resident's and MTA protest riders who want to increase jobs in the community by helping our transit committee raise funds and provide a needed community service for a long term positive solution at the same time.  


Mr. Randy Hudson -  

Mr. Randy Hudson – Chairman IRT #3 Transit Committee Direct # Office [212] 631-4218

 { The Livonia Ave Commercial Business Strip Development Blueprint Drawing  }

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The Commercial Strip Drawing



Commercial Strip Drawing #2

Means 1,000 of New Jobs For All ENY & Brownsville Community Residents Along The Commercial Strip !

{ Livonia Ave and Commercial Skyscrapers }


 { 100's of Jobs Are At Stake }  { Suggestions To Help The MTA See The Benefits Of Reconstructing The { LAWB }  }


{  Suggestions To Help MTA See The Benefits Of Reconstructing The {LAWB} Part 2 }


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" Remember Nothing Is Impossible" !


aaa-All, Aboard – “ NEXT  STOP  “ , “ Positive Change “ !




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