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Dear: News Reporter,

Subject: Obtaining Publicity For Our  Showstopper 2009/2010 Basketball Tournament Games.

Please feel free to post this info in your Newspaper, Magazine, Web Site, or on your BCAT or Cable TV Community News Event Section

           The Hudsonic Organization for over 34 year's has operated and sponsored educational youth empowerment sports and cultural entertainment events on a consistent basics since 1975. Our 2008 SHOWSTOPPER  Summer Basketball Tournament Season, Was A Big Success and. Our Upcoming 2009 Tournaments  are coming up and will be a big success too. The 2009 / 2010 games will involve Males and Females  ages 8 - 14 years old who come from throughout our NYC 5 boroughs in order to  participate. Games will start { Date To Be Announced  }  and continues each weekend through { To Be Announced  } Weekend Game Times: { To Be Announced  } ,  Date { To Be Announced  } , Time { To Be Announced  } we will sponsor our annual SHOWSTOPPER Closing  trophy Award Ceremony. At the event Community Elected Leaders and Corporate Executives that helped to sponsor our Showstopper Basketball Tournaments will be on stage to give out the trophies to all winning team members. The Showstopper Games Closing Trophy Award Ceremony, and Cultural Entertainment Event will take place at.. Our New Game Location:  { To Be Announced  } .

Our events once again demonstrates how, "It Takes an Entire Community' !

" Just to Raise One Child  " !

ď2007 Summer Game Location WasđCLICK ME = To Sign Up For Our Next Tournament  Games 

Call for more info: { 212 } 631-4218

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The Hudsonic Showstopper Production Organizations 34 Year Track Record

                   Since The 1970's The Hudsonic Organization has organized and sponsored Disco Parties, Indoor and Outdoor large Cultural Entertainment Shows, Drama Plays, and Athletic Basketball Sports Tournaments with The PAL, and The NY Jr Knicks Basketball Tournament Leagues. We sponsor The Summer  SHOWSTOPPER Basketball Sports Tournaments each year and wrote the program proposal that originally reopened JHS I.S 218’s After School Center . We operated the facility for 2 Years under the N.Y.C.H.A Cypress Hills Projects [CHP] Drug Elimination Program {DEP]. When the N.Y.C.H.A {DEP} pulled out; due to administrative procedure rule changes against utilizing Bd of Ed School Facilities. The Hudsonic Organization kept on going without missing a beat and, without any type of external funding, the money came out of my own pocket, so with the same 40 resident volunteers that I organized for the {CHP} {DEP}. Together we operated JHS 218’s After School Centers {ASC} for the next 2 Years the doors stayed open Monday – Friday 3 – 6 P.M daily. I’am happy to report we never missed a day and local crime dropped 50% during operating hours directly because of our {ASC} being opened 3 – 6 P.M on a daily basics. The JHS 218 school facility was originally closed for over 25 years to the Local ENY {CHP} Community until Randy Hudson took matters into his own hands. We plowed the path so The Safe Horizon Beacon Program could come into existence and take over where we left off. During the years, we have also produced large Outdoor Family Day Cultural Entertainment Concerts combined with Athletic Sports Tournament Competitions for The N.Y.C.H.A ENY Brooklyn Cypress Hills Projects {CHP} Drug Elimination Program {DEP}. We wrote the proposal & brought The PAL Into Cypress Hills Projects Park Returning Each Summer. We are currently on the spearhead MTA committee and have worked For 4 Year's In Conjunction With The United Community Center at 613 New Lots Ave and Now The Hudsonic Org Taken Over and Is Operating The IRT #3 Transit Committee to Reconnect - The Livonia Avenue Walkway Bridge Between The BMT L & IRT #3 Train Lines For A Free Fare Transfer Point Through ENY & Brownsville to improve transportation for all NYC Brooklyn residents. Sponsored, organized, and promoted special events such as The WBLS 107.5 F.M Radio Stations JAM Van, and The WBLS SURESHOTS Basketball Team Games Complete With WBLS Quite Storm DJ Vaughn Harper, Sponsored 98.7 KISS F.M DJ RED ALERT JAM VAN, and Brought  VIDEO MUSIC BOX VIDEO DJ SAD SAM To JHS 218 During School Hours In 1994 and – " THE KIDS LOVED IT " ! Vitamin Water, DELS Liquors, N.L CLINIC PHARMACY, Feliciano Properties Real Estate, Ellison Youth Inc, Lawrence Pharmacy, DOMINO’S PIZZA. DUNKIN DONUTS, D.L Blaine Electric– The # 1 Major MTA Electrical Minority SUBWAY Contractor In NYC History, The Federation of Black Cowboys, Dentist Dr. Pati, LAUNDRYLAND, Comedy @ The Linden Cinema Multiplex Theater { ENYCE }, Western BEEF & JUNIOR'S Supermarkets, Vitamin Water, ENY State Assemblywoman Diane Gordons Office, ENY Community Board #5 -  Earl Williams, ENY City Councilman Charles Barrons Office, ENY Assemblyman Darryl Towns Office,  Brownsville City Councilwoman Ms. Darlene Mealys Office, NYC Dept of Youth Services, NYC Dept of Parks, Numerous Local Store Owners,  Private Corporations, and Not for Profit Organizations Since 1975.

Born, raised, and still a proud resident of ENY Brooklyn   

  Randy Hudsons Qualification Resume: Business Administration, Marketing, Finance & Advertising Major, Business and Program Proposal Writer, NYC HPD Certified 7A- {COA} Court Ordered Building Administrator, Former NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesman W/The General Development Corp, Advanced Windows XP Professional Computer Programmer, www.Internet  HTML, JAVA, PHP, FLASH & FRONT PAGE Web Site Developer, Computer Graphic Artist and 3D Animator, for  Web Sites. Mr. Hudson Is Fluent In Over 54 Different Computer Programs, Builds, Upgrades and Installs New Computer Software, Provides Routine Maintenance and Hosts Sites On His Own LINX /APPACHE Terabyte Web Server.

Randy Hudson Chairman of The IRT #3 Transit Committee To Reconnect The Livonia Ave Walkway Bridge Between The IRT #3 and The BMT L Train Lines In Brooklyn NYC, Large and Small Concert Special Event Sponsor, Organizer & Promoter, Owner and Designer Of The 1755 Page

" Action  Speaks Louder Than Words ", and My Track Record Speaks For Itself !  Please call us if so decide to do a current news article about our organization so we can review and save the publicity news column for historical purposes.

Thank You

Randy Hudson  - CEO/

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