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FILL OUT OUR - 15 QUESTION BIG TIME BIZ - ONLINE SURVEY  - Your input is important to us



BIG TIME BIZ values your personal opinion and feedback about our web site the products we sell, and the web services we provide to the public it does not matter if you do  not live inside of New York City USA because our general, business, community information networking contacts and quality of life improvements transcends states, and global borders. Please complete our survey below so we can develope our web pages to fit you like a custom tailor made suit of clothes does. We provide information that challenges your mind with music to soothe your soul and coming soon  one day out of each month we will be sponsoring in our chat rooms. Major corporate business executives, entertainment super stars, known sports athletes, and known political community leaders all talking to you live online in the future in order for you to speak with them  directly in our various chat rooms   Please provide us with your name and e-mail address for our monthly newsletter so we can contact you send out our info and schedules on a monthly basics and have your contact info if further clarification or explanation of your responses are not clear to us. We have a survey we would like for you to answer but if you do have time or would not like to fill it out then you may skip it but, we would prefer if you would fill it out.

                 Please remember all survey name and e-mail address questions are optional. Your privacy is important to us, and BIG TIME BIZ  will never sell or release your information to any third party. Release of my own personal name has over loaded my U.S postal and online e-mail address box with unwanted SPAM post cards and letters. So remember when   Randy Hudson tells you he will not use your name for any unscrupulous business list deals or give it away !  It's the truth because, I have personally suffered through having my own personal name, first sold and then released to numerous other business companies on and off line without my permission. I was then bombarded by 1000's of pieces of spam e-mail online, unordered U.S Mail post cards and letters sent to my home mail box and, 100's of  telemarketing phone calls to my home ! I'am a man with ethical, moral, and spiritual values that have long been forgotten in the crazy world we live in today ! Help me to make this web site better fit your personal needs and increase the quality of your life today !

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1.   Type your e-mail address below:  (optional):

2.    How long have you been utilizing our Big Time Biz Web Site ?

 Less than 3 months    3 to 6 months  

 6 to 12 months        Over 12 months  

3.   How did you hear about our Big Time Biz Web Site ?

 Friend/s    E-mail  

 Local Community Board Meeting    Ad Flier  

4.   How often do you surf the web ?

 At least once a day     Once a week  

 Once a month    Less than once a month  

5.   How would you rate your knowledge of Internet information issues and technologies ?

  High. I'm familiar with the technical issues and understand in detail how the Internet works.

  Medium. I have a basic understanding of how to surf  the web to find information I need.

  Low. I'm a real novice and need all of the help I can get.

6.   Which one of the following best describes why you accessed Big Time Biz ?

  I wanted some general information about getting into business.

  I was curious about what type of information you had on your site.

  I wanted to find out more about your web site, is it positive and whether I should give or not give permission to my children and firewall program to access your internet site.

  I wanted to know more about The ENY # 5 & Brownsville # 16 Brooklyn Community Boards, what services they provide to the community, what they could do for me, and how I can volunteer and get involved.

 Type any related or unrelated questions you have into the box below 4 answers" 

7.   How useful do you find the information provided to you on our BIG TIME BIZ information network

 Not useful    Useful    Very useful  

8.   Since we updated our entrance page is it easier for you to navigate our site ?

 Yes    No    Don't Care  

9.   How useful is our business links page ?

 Not useful    Useful    Very useful  

10.   How useful is our community board section and connected informationial pages ?

 Not useful    Useful    Very useful  

11.   How useful is our entertainment page section ?

 Not useful    Useful    Very useful  

12.   Please rate the quality of life level of  the information we provide.

 Just enough  

 Not enough quality  

 Needs more in depth information 

13.   What do you think of the overall design of our BIG TIME BIZ web site with music & sound effects.

 I love the music and sound effects on the pages   

 I do not like the design  

 I do not like music or sound effects when I view web pages  

14. What do you think of the overall design of our BIG TIME BIZ web site and DJ mixed music.

 I love to hear the Oldies DJ Mixed Music and sound effects on all of your web pages 

 I do not like to hear music on any web pages  

 I do  like the music but it needs more Jazz, and  R & B music on your pages   

Your web site needs more up to date HIP /HOP and RAP music mixes.

15.   Please add any general comments or suggestions you have below.

To submit your feedback, please click the submit button below.

Thank you for taking our BIG TIME BIZ Online user survey.




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