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Big Time Bu$iness - Provides affordable, "pre-designed templates" and custom web page layouts, individualized to suit your needs and tastes. The set-up price for your site is based upon utilizing one of our web page template designs, customizing it and then uploading it to yours or hosting it on our web server. Call For Prices


Our one-time fee includes:

·        Setup of web page/site consisting of 1 to 4 pages (With internal links)

·        Your own individual domain name ( Registered )

·        Your own e-mail address

·        Submission to GOOGLE, ASK, YAHOO, BING top global search engines in the world

·        Your own text ( 50 - 300 words per page)

·        Selection of page  colors, typeface, font’s, and style 

·        Hosting on yours or our well-maintained high-speed, secure web server,

            Optional - add web page counter if desired at an additional charge.


Services Listed Below Require An { Additional Charge }

Website server fee's & monthly maintenance Call for prices provided on a per year basics.

Website maintenance with video & sound files call for prices provided on a per year basics.


This covers:

·        Monitoring of links and counter/s

·        Minor changes and adjustments, as needed

·        Verification of search engine operation, refreshing as needed

·        Continuing server space

·        Back-ups, trouble-shooting & maintenance

·        Re-registration of domain name when needed

           ( Minimum sign-up: One Year )



There is nothing else for you to do or purchase.

Here are some examples of Big Time Businesses Online Web Pages & Sites:


1.  =  Our site has over 2000 different web pages & 100's of Linked sites

2. Slam Dunk Page    =  Site is owned by Red Carpet Tours Bus Rental Company

3.    =  Site owned by The NYCHA Council of Tenant Association Presidents

4.  Need A Web Page = Comprehensive Academics Tutoring Service Organization



Custom Designs - Another option is to have custom-design a web page just for your needs. This is for businesses that already have a fairly good idea of what they want certain information to be published on the web, photographs of your premises

(or highlight your products and services) that you'd like to show off, etc.

Perhaps your business already has an identifiable image, style, logo or artwork (e.g., from a newsletter, stationery or brochures) that you wish to carry through onto your website; perhaps you simply insist on a one-of-a-kind site, pure and simple or with all the bells and whistles. In that case, we'll work with you to develop a unique set of pages that you wish to have representing your company online.

( Visit some of our custom websites designed by )

We typically charge an hourly fee of $                Call us for per hour rates and Call for custom 3D animation work. Obviously all sites are custom and, custom prices are often difficult to spell out in advance, so they will be discussed individually with you when we meet.

We'll give you the most accurate estimate possible, before we begin work.

If you opt for one of the above plans and later decide you would prefer the other, a switch can easily be accommodated with no break in service, and no additional charge.

Cancellation Policy - (See Frequently-Asked Questions)


Extras - For Both Prototype and Custom Design Pages:

·        Additional web pages: $45 each;

·        Web page log - we monitor visitors to your site, give you periodic reports: $10 per month

·        Additional E-mail addresses: $15 each;

·        Graphics (Supplied by client): $    to $  depending on whether scanning and/or retouching are necessary;

·        Forms - Non-secure: $ Call  /. Secure Server: $ Call  {For Secure Online Credit Card Transactions} additional charge, plus a monthly service fee - payable 6 months at a time = $100.00

·        Search Engine Analysis Report - A high ranking means more customers for your business, what # is your Web Page presently ranking at ? ...... {Example 1-100}  $35 Per Month Price varies, depending on depth of report

·        Additional search engine registration: $40 for submission the top search engines.


Please contact us for immediate prices new ideas, or for any other questions you may have. We'll be delighted to discuss the above options, as well as other possibilities not described here. No work will be preformed without a 50 % deposit up front.



                                             " DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE " ! ONCE WORK HAS BEGUN



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        Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do businesses put on their home pages ?
2. How much should I expect a web site to cost ?
3. Will I have my own World Wide Web address ?
4. What if I want to move my home page somewhere else ?
5. What if I want to make changes to my web page ?
6. What else does my regular maintenance fee cover ?
7. How will I know who's visiting my page ?
8. What's a server? What does it mean to me ?


#1Q. What do businesses put on their home pages ?

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Certain elements would be the same for all kinds of businesses -- for instance, a profile: location, description, history, owners, etc.

If you're a professional organization, you'd want to emphasize your members: biographies or resumes of partners and associates, their educational background, accomplishments, photos, and so on.

If you are in the business of offering food, drinks, or hospitality, there's a wealth of information you'll need to give us. Photographs showing off your establishment and wares, information about the services and comforts you offer, and anything else you want people to know. It can range from all of the reasons why your business is unique, to driving directions showing how to get to your place.

Many websites contain links to other websites that you think are valuable or worthwhile (Though this feature is falling out of favor, as people realize that external links are invitations to leave your site!).

You can have interactive features - forms for visitors to fill out, a bulletin board for visitor contributions, a self-administered quiz, a blog a contest, etc. These practical and helpful features can draw visitors into your page. A law firm might offer a list of the best places to park for every courthouse in their town and how much it costs. A hotel might offer interesting items about local history or geography, or maybe even a currency converter.

Your site will contain your e-mail address of course, and a easy link to send you U.S Mail, and your telephone number so visitors can contact you directly through your website, and even do business, if desired.

You may also want little touches like a counter, a guest book, blog or a chat room


#2Q How much should I expect a web site to cost ?

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A.     Big companies pay from $2,500.00 up to a million dollars and more for their corporate websites, but those are major productions, with multi-media sounds, film clips, interactive video games, with on site full-time webmasters, staff, and so on. For a more basic, yet elegant site, with us you'll have to spend a few hundred dollars [ According to the size ], plus monthly upkeep. With  you can choose one of our prototype: professional home pages for as little as making a call to us for prices and a small additional set-up fee

      ( Price includes domain name registration),



Website server fee's & maintenance call for prices provided on a yearly basics.

Website maintenance with video & sound files call for prices provided on a yearly basics.


      ( Satisfaction Guaranteed )


3Q Will I have my own World Wide Web Address ?

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A. That's ordinarily a separate registration (initial cost, plus annual fee) with InterNIC, or other organization that regulates domain names. Big Time Businesses one-time set-up fee includes the InterNIC or other organization registration. We will apply for  for you. Assuming nobody else is already using the exact same name you want? This will become your new web address.

Even though your home page is physically stored on our  web server, your registered domain name is your own. You’ll never have to bother Big Time Business to get to your domain, or any other web address having to do with our company or the server. Having your own domain name also means you can receive E-mail through your page at anytime. If you would prefer to deal directly with InterNIC or other organization and register your domain name yourself, you are free to do so, and deduct that fee from your Big Time Business bill.


#4Q. What if I want to move my home page somewhere else ? 

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A. With  your domain name is transferable. If you should ever want to move your page to another company’s server, or administer it yourself, or whatever, just give us 30 days' notice! During that time we'll either keep the page in place or (if you prefer) post a notice on the web site saying "This site has moved to http://www.____ " By the end of 30 days, your new registration should be pointing to your new server; thus, from the visitor's perspective, the transition is seamless.

#5Q. What if I want to make changes to my page ?

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A. There is no extra charge for minor changes, such as names or phone numbers; these are included in your monthly maintenance. For more significant alterations, such as additional pages, links, features, or complete remodeling, see our pricing page.



#6Q. What else does my regular maintenance fee cover ?

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A. It also includes back-ups of your files, periodic confirmation that search engines are finding your website as they should (and refreshing them, if they're not). We also monitor the websites of others in your industry, and of professional organizations, to make sure your page is coming across well compared to those of your competitors. Constant vigilance is critical if your page has any external links: schools, government pages, commercial websites -- frequently change their URL's, and you wouldn't want your list of favorites to yield "dead" links for your visitors.


#7Q. How will I know who's visiting my page ?

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A. There are a number of ways:

E-Mail -- There is always at least one E-mail link on your page, for those visitors who want to contact you through the website.

Counter -- If you just want to know how many visitors you've had, you can have a counter on your page, that keeps a record. (Counters typically say something like: "You are visitor number ____ since January 1, 2010," .)

Guestbook -- You can add this feature, which invites visitors to sign in, leaving their e-mail address. Forms -- You can add various interactive features in a form that you design, asking visitors to answer questions, take surveys, give you their comments, etc.

(Results are E-mailed to you.)

Analysis -- More sophisticated marketing tools are also available, at extra cost. These can tell you certain factual details about your visitors, such as their domain names (e.g, MSN, AOL), what kind of browser they're using, what website they were on immediately before they visited your page, etc.


#8Q. What's a server ? What does it mean to me  ?

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A. Your home page exists as a file, or group of files, stored on our computer with special software devoted to that purpose. This computer is called a "server."  will host your page on our reliable server, with good technical support backup, sufficient bandwidth, contingency plans (in case of power outages) with backup generators, frequent back-ups of your site, and other important features to keep your site up and in top condition.

What this means to you is, peace of mind that chances are as good as they can be that your web site or page will be there, day in and day out, 24 hours 7 days a week, for anybody who wants to visit it from anywhere in the world. We operate and check our servers regularly so any technical problems that might come up are ours, not yours. It also means that as your business grows, and if you want to add different functions, chat rooms, blogs etc.  will be able to handle all your growing business needs 24/7 in a professional manner.


Please contact us with any questions or ideas you may have. We'll be delighted to discuss the above options, as well as other possibilities not described here.

                      { Back to frequently asked questions list above }



__  Important:__  No work will be preformed without a 75 % deposit up front.

One Year Server Site Hosting Fee Optional

       "   Deposits Are - Non-Refundable Once  Work Has Started    "




Still have questions?


           Call Our  Office @: 1-212-631-4218




Until we meet…..  “Have A Good Day "  and, " A Better Tomorrow ” !




                                                                   - Randy Hudson

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